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+ Privacy statement


Your privacy is extremely important to us and we want you to feel safe. We therefore closely monitor compliance with the requirements of each applicable personal data protection legislation and electronic communications act and in particular the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, which entered into force on 25 May 2018. Below in this privacy statement (hereinafter: the Statement), we wish to inform you about which purposes and on what legal ground your personal information will be collected and used, and how you can monitor these procedures and exercise your rights. You can select and print this privacy statement in the ‘Data protection’ tab at the bottom of each of our websites. 


Through the use of technical and organisational measures, our computer systems are protected against unintentional and illegal access, the alteration, disclosure or dissemination of your data by unauthorised persons, and against the accidental or unlawful loss and destruction of personal data.


+ Name and contact information of the controller


The controller of your data is:


Kajuhova ulica 45 

SI-1000 Ljubljana

Telephone number: +386(0)1 54 66 800 


E-mail: (hereinafter: BAUHAUS or the company). 


+ Contact information of the data protection coordinator

As a customer, you have the right to receive information regarding the handling of your personal data and to file claims to exercise your rights. In order to answer any questions you might have or to forward your case, please contact Bauhaus data protection coordinators at our e-mail address, or call 080 39 48 or 386 (0)1 54 66 800.



Please state your exact request and the contact (e-mail) address where you wish to receive the required information. We guarantee that we will treat all topics and content contained in your request as strictly confidential. 

+ Personal data

Personal data are any information that identify you as an identified or identifiable individual. An individual is identifiable when they can be directly or indirectly identified, in particular by stating an identifier such as a name, identification number, location data or online identifier, or by stating one or several factors that represent the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of an individual


We guarantee that we store and process your personal data in a central program used to manage the data of the BAUHAUS customers of Slovenian BAUHAUS companies (https: // exclusively for the purposes stated herein. Data are processed in accordance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation, the regulations stated above and other applicable legislation.


Depending on the manner in which you interact with the company, BAUHAUS may collect and process the following personal data: 


·      data regarding an individual's use of our website (e.g. IP address, date and time of website visit, data regarding visited sites, accommodation on the website, data regarding location or internet access

ordered services, total amount, payment method, bank information, delivery address, invoice number and date, etc.) and information regarding the resolution of complaints;

point );

·      basic data regarding individuals (surname and first name, address, date and place of birth, personal identification number, tax identification number, number of identity document);

·           information required for the use of the PROFICARD card and benefits that the aforementioned card offers (name and surname of authorised persons, contact persons and legal representative this company, card number, etc.);

·      contact information and information regarding your communication with us (e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, date, time and content of mail or electronic communication);

·         data from forms that a user completes voluntarily (i.e. as part of prize competitions in the case of registration for events);

·         other data individuals provide voluntarily when

·      information required for the provision of our services and the conclusion of agreements, such as information regarding purchased goods/services and issued invoices (basic and contact information of an individual, customer's internal number, date and place of purchase, purchased goods and,

requesting the purchase of a particular product or

the provision of a particular service; and

·         data for own advertising purposes (e.g. name and surname, e-mail address, address and telephone number).


We store and process your data in a central program used to manage the data of BAUHAUS customers. Through the use of technical and organisational measures, our computer systems are protected against unintentional and unlawful access, the alteration, disclosure or dissemination of your data by unauthorised persons, and against the unintentional or unlawful loss and destruction of personal data.


If you are our registered customer (e.g. a sole proprietor, company, regular customer, PROFICARD user), you are entered into our retail business system. In such cases, your data are stored in the central data register of BAUHAUS customers where your data may be accessed by employees in all BAUHAUS centres and after-sales services in Slovenia. Depending on the content of an agreement and ordered services, your data may also be accessible and used in all of our BAUHAUS centres and in the customer support department. The processing of data in the central retail business system and in other sales centres and departments is based on the protection of the legitimate interests of BAUHAUS, and makes compliance with requirements regarding data protection, accuracy and portability easier. 


To that end, we took sufficient account of your interests, rights and freedoms because by providing the aforementioned data, we enable the following services carried out by after-sales departments across Slovenia: 

•       the resolution of complaints in all BAUHAUS sales centres; 

•       the exchange of goods within the scope of contractual rights to exchange the goods in all our sales centres;

•       the reservation and pick-up of goods from centres in all sales centres;

•       the redemption of gift voucher in all centres;

•       the redemption of credit due to refunds in all centres;

•       payment according to an offer and issuing of invoices to companies in all centres;

•       deferred payment and use of the PROFICARD card in all centres; and


•       our after-sales service is available to you for all questions regarding complaints and services, and for information and consultation. 

+ Purpose and legal ground of personal data processing

BAUHAUS processes your personal data based on the consent, the law or legitimate interest, and in order to conclude and implement agreements. We process your personal data primarily in the business processes stated below. Depending on the nature of commercial transactions, other business processes may arise, in which BAUHAUS processes your data pursuant to one of the stated legal grounds.


Processing of personal data of website visitors


Each time you visit our website, the online server automatically saves an online server log file (e.g. IP number – number that identifies an individual computer or another device online, browser version, time of visit, location data or internet access point, etc.). We process these data for the purpose of analysis, which enables us to improve content and the user experience on our website, and and keeping statistics on visits to our website. An IP address is used exclusively, if necessary, to protect the legitimate interest of the data controller or a third party, except when the interests or basic rights and freedoms of an individual to whom the personal data relate and who requests personal data protection prevail over such interests (i.e. in order to pursue legal rights and for the detection of criminal offences).


We collect the stated personal data with the help of cookies. In that process, we will ask for your permission for the installation of more invasive cookies, while we may collect certain data based on our legitimate interests. You can read more about cookies below in this Statement.


BAUHAUS processes data collected as such separately and does not link them to the other personal data of website users. Taking into account the current level of technology, a visitor cannot be uniquely identified solely through the use of these data.



+ Processing of personal data in connection with the PROFICARD card

The personal data individuals provide on the application form to obtain the PROFICARD card or on other agreements and forms associated with the provision of benefits based on the PROFICARD card, we use for the purpose of fulfilling our contractual obligations or providing benefits based on the terms of use of the PROFICARD card.  We also process the personal data of individuals for the purpose of internal administration and to resolve your claims regarding the use of the card (e.g. card issuing, card cancellation, card blocking and unblocking and the order of goods with deferred payment). We process the personal data of authorised persons (name, surname and card number) for the purpose of determining eligibility to use the PROFICARD card in event of purchases in BAUHAUS centres or in order to determine eligibility to order goods with deferred payment. When using the PROFICARD card, authorised persons may be required to provide a personal document in order to verify their identity. We also process the personal data of legal representatives and contact persons for the purpose of business communication regarding use of the PROFICARD card. 


We may also process contact information (e-mail address or company address) for the purposes of direct marketing, which is directly associated with our services and products (sending of advertisements regarding our services and products, notification regarding our services and products, notification regarding new products, possible promotional campaigns, discounts and prize games). Our legitimate interests are the legal ground for personal data processing for direct marketing purposes. You may object to the processing of personal data for direct marketing purposes at any time without stating reasons and your data will no longer be processed for those purposes. You may unsubscribe from such communication free of charge by sending an e-mail to Additional information regarding your rights in connection with direct marketing is available in the section entitled ‘Rights of individuals’.


If you select deferred payment, we also perform a credit assessment of your company using the online application with the aim of approving or rejecting the deferred payment option. In such cases, the personal data of individuals are not processed.


Personal data processing during inquiry and ordering of goods/services


When you submit an inquiry for a particular good/service or you order a particular good/service using our contact addresses (address, e-mail or telephone number) or in a store, your personal data, such as name, surname and contact information, will be processed exclusively for the purpose of contacting you to inform you that the goods you inquired about or ordered arrived to a BAUHAUS store or that they are in stock. When we inform you of the arrival of goods or that goods are in stock and you decide to purchase them, we will state your personal data on the reservation order.


Processing of personal data during sales of goods and the provision of services for customers


We process your data in particular when you request an offer or conclude an agreement with the company (e.g. a sales agreement, a lease agreement or a construction agreement, in particular an agreement on the construction or remodelling of a bathroom, or an agreement on the purchase of goods with installation or some other agreement). Depending on the type of your order or our service, we may request that you provide personal data, such as name and surname, including a personal document number and personal identification number, contact information and other data required to provide the service ordered (e.g. data for delivery of goods and data for issuing an invoice). We process these data solely for the purpose fulfilling our contractual obligations, exercising the rights arising from the contractual relationship or for the purpose of negotiations on the conclusion of an agreement. We use your contact information solely and exclusively to communicate with you with regard to the fulfilment of an offer or implementation of an agreement, and not for direct marketing or any other purposes.


When a form for the provision of a service (e.g. framing pictures, grinding, finishing, cutting, lease of trailers, etc.) is completed, we process the personal data you state on the form solely for the purpose of notification or communication with you regarding the provision of the service. When required, personal data may also be provided to authorised service providers so that they may contact you for additional explanations regarding the ordered service or for the purpose of providing the service.


We process the personal data that you provide for the purpose of delivering goods solely for the delivery of those goods to your address. Personal data, such as name and surname, address and telephone number, may be provided to the driver who carries out the transport of goods.  


We provide the personal data that you provide for the purpose of a refund due to the termination of an agreement solely for the purpose of making a refund to your bank account.


 We also process the personal data that you provide for the purpose of inquiry regarding the balance of credits and gift vouchers solely for the purpose of communication regarding credits and gift vouchers.


Processing of personal data to resolve complaints and/or warranty claims


When you fill out our reclamation form, we process some of your personal data (such as name and surname, contact information and bank information) solely for the purpose of notification or communication regarding the resolution of a complaint, or regarding a repair or service order. 


We process the personal data that you submit when you order a service/repair solely for the purpose of carrying out the repair order and for communication regarding the repair of a machine or device. If necessary, we may also provide your personal data, such as name and surname, telephone number and address, to authorised distributors who repair or service a machine or device, so that they may contact you for additional explanations regarding the reasons why the machine or device does not work, and so they can repair the machine or device at your address, based on prior agreement. 


Processing of personal data based on registration for our events, prize games and promotional campaigns


We process the personal data that you provide us on application forms published on our website (e.g. the Women's Night application, the Žar akademija application, prize games, etc.) solely for the organisation and execution of an actual event. After the event, all the collected data are deleted, except if you have given your express consent that we may use your contact data to send you advertisements regarding our products and services. 


You may withdraw such consent at any time free of charge by sending a written message regarding the withdrawal of consent to the e-mail address Additional information regarding direct marketing is available in the section ‘Rights of individuals’.


Processing of personal data for sending of the catalogues

We process the personal data that you provide on a form for sending of the catalogues solely based on your consent and exclusively for the purpose of sending of BAUHAUS catalogues to the contact address (postal or e-mail address) you provide on the form. You may unsubscribe from such communication free of charge by sending an e-mail to Additional information regarding direct marketing is available in the section ‘Rights of individuals’.


Processing of personal data in video surveillance


In our business centres and in its other business premises, BAUHAUS uses video surveillance to prevent vandalism, theft and criminal acts against property, and for the purpose of ensuring that house rules are observed. The legitimate interests that the company pursues in that respect are the protection of assets and property, ensuring the safety of people, and monitoring entry to or exit from business premises. A sign informs you that you are entering in an area under video surveillance.  

+ Cookies

In order to simplify the use of our website, we use the Piwik analytics tool, which uses cookies. Cookies are small text files containing a sequence of letters or numbers. Cookies are stored from your browser to the hard drive of your computer or to another device from which you access the internet, and help you use our website. We use cookies to better understand how an individual uses our website and to enable improved navigation. In addition, cookies help us identify whether you have already visited our website or are a new visitor. The cookies we use do not store your personal data because, taking into account the current level of technology, an individual cannot be uniquely identified solely through the use of these data. 


Our website only uses the following cookies:


Cookie name



Expires in




Own website

1 day


Cookie is installed after you click ‘OK’ and ensures that the website no longer shows this message to the website user thereafter.

_pk_ses.11. 21d3



1 hour


Cookie for the identification of visits/sessions.




30 days


Cookie for recognising visitors in the event of multiple visits for the duration of the cookie.


Because our website only uses the necessary cookies and less invasive cookies for analytics purposes, cookies may be installed based on an implied consent mechanism, i.e. when the website is visited for the first time.


If you do not wish to accept cookies, please change the settings in your web browser. You can delete cookies that have already been saved in your computer.



+ The recipients of the personal data

BAUHAUS undertakes not to provide your personal data to unauthorised third parties without your consent. BAUHAUS also undertakes not to disseminate your data outside of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA).


Within the scope of legally prescribed competences, your personal data is disclosed to the following companies within EU/EEA:

•       other BAUHAUS companies in Slovenia;

•       postal service providers, delivery service providers, freight forwarders, and document and data carrier destruction companies;

•       information technology companies in the scope of software service and maintenance;

•       bank service providers and companies dealing with the collection of payments;

•       BAUHAUS AG and associated group companies (;

•       suppliers of goods and services (such as distributors, authorised repairers and craftsmen); and


•       accounting companies, law firms and other legal and consulting service providers. 

+ Personal data retention period

We will retain your data as long as required by each purpose for which individual data were collected and processed. 


Data processed pursuant to a  law will be retained for the period prescribed thereby. Data processed in order to implement the contractual relationship with you will be retained for the period required to implement the agreement and for the duration of the statute of limitations for claims arising from an agreement concluded as such, except in the event of a dispute regarding the contractual relationship. 


Given below are certain retention periods for your data, which we process pursuant to the relevant agreement:


•       Reservations and informative offers: 12 months             (customer feedback)

•       Contractual documents (invoices, credit notes, confirmed offers and orders, delivery notes, repair orders): up to 11 years

•       Compensation claims: 12 months (review of compensation claims) or the entire duration of the statute of limitations for claims

•       Lease and construction agreements: up to 11 years



If a tax-legal retention period exists for certain data processed for the purpose of implementing sales agreements (e.g. data from bookkeeping documents), the retention period may be as long as 10 years after the year to which the invoices refer to. Data processing is limited during this time. 


We retain the personal data that we process based on your consent or legitimate interests (e.g. for the purpose of sending advertising messages) permanently until you withdraw that consent or until a request to stop data processing is submitted, where we undertake to verify the existence of the purpose of processing at regular time intervals. We will delete data prior to the withdrawal of consent only if the purpose of personal data processing has been fulfilled (i.e. if we stop sending advertising messages) or if so stipulated by the law. 


The personal data that we collect with the help of a video surveillance system are stored for three months, after which time they are irreversibly and permanently deleted. In the event of an incident, video recordings may be kept for the entire duration of the statute of limitations.


Personal data may be stored for a longer period if this is required in order to fulfil legal obligations, for archiving purposes in the public interest, for scientific or historic research purposes, or for statistical purposes. To that end, the appropriate technical and organisational measures are implemented to protect an individual's rights and freedoms.


After the retention period lapses, your personal data will be efficiently and permanently deleted or anonymised so that your identification will be no longer possible.


+ Rights of individuals


To a large extent, BAUHAUS ensures that you are able to exercise the rights to which you are entitled in connection with the transparent processing of your personal data.


Right to access personal data

You have the right to receive confirmation from BAUHAUS regarding whether we process your personal data. When you receive confirmation of processing, you have the right to access personal data so that you can review collected personal data and copies thereof, including the provision of information regarding the purpose of processing, types of personal data, the users to whom personal data were disclosed, the expected data retention period, the existence of the possible dissemination of data to a third party or an international organisation, etc.


Right to correct and right to erasure (i.e. forget) personal data

If your personal data are incomplete or inappropriate, you have the right to request that inappropriate data are corrected and incomplete data supplemented. In such cases, we may ask that you complete a supplement statement.


Your personal data will be erased without undue delay when:

-          they are no longer required for the purposes for which they were collected;

-          you withdraw your consent;

-          you object to processing and there in no prevailing legitimate reason for further processing;

-          personal data were collected unlawfully; and

-          personal data must be deleted in order to fulfil a legal obligation in accordance with the relevant legislation.


Right to withdraw consent

You may withdraw your consent for personal data processing at any time with future effect. To that end, we ask you to take into consideration that you may need to provide your data again prior to a new purchase. The right to withdraw consent is only applicable for the processing of personal data that are processed in accordance with your consent and not for the processing of data processed based on other legal grounds. 


Right to restriction of processing

In the following cases, you may restrict the processing of your personal data:

-          when you dispute the accuracy of data, namely for a period that enables verification of whether personal data are accurate;

-          when processing is unlawfull and you demand the limited use of data instead of deletion;

-          when BAUHAUS no longer requires the data for processing purposes but you need them in order to exercise, implement or defend legal claims; and

-          when you file an objection against the processing of your data based on the controller's legitimate interest, until the legitimacy of its processing is verified.


Right to object 

Due to your unique situation, you have the right to object to the processing of your personal data that is based on our legitimate interest or the legitimate interest of a third party. If you file an objection, we no longer process your personal data, unless we can prove urgent legitimate reasons for processing that prevail over your interests, rights and freedoms, or processing is carried out in order to exercise, implement or defend legal claims. 


If your personal data are processed for the purpose of direct marketing based on our legitimate interests, you have the right to object to such personal data processing. In this case, personal data are no longer processed for direct marketing purposes.


Right to data portability

At your request, we will provide you all personal data relating to you in a generally used and machine readable form. When you request video surveillance footage, you only have the right to request the part of the footage that relates to you. Thus, a request shall appropriately state the data based on which you can be identified, without incurring excessive costs and requiring a disproportionately large effort. At a minimum, you should state approximately to which cameras you were exposed and at what time, and provide an approximate description of your appearance and clothes, or provide an appropriate reference photograph.


Right to lodge a complaint with an Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia


If you believe that the processing of your data is in breach of personal data protection legislation, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner of the Republic of Slovenia, Dunajska cesta 22, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia, telephone +386 (0)1 230 97 30, e-mail: 

+ Contacts: How can you exercise your above-stated rights?

In order to fulfilment your rights, please contact our data protection coordinator at: 



Koordinator za varstvo podatkov

Kajuhova ulica 45 

SI-1000 Ljubljana

Telephone +386(0)1 54 66 800 or 080 39 48



We will respond to your questions without undue delay and free of charge in accordance with legal requirements, and we will inform you what measures have been taken.



+ Updates and amendments

This privacy statement will be amended periodically to fit the actual circumstances and legal situation. Prior to taking advantage of our offer, please read the Statement, so that you are acquainted with the currently applicable version due to possible changes and updates. We will also inform you in advance of possible changes that have a significant effect on the processing of your personal data in an appropriate manner (e.g. via notification on our website or via e-mail).





Version: 1.0

Updated: 25 May 2018

Privacy statement (PDF)


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